Balancing Act at Tryon Creek

Tryon Creek State Natural Area is a place I go back to for the re-balancing of life's delight and anguish, the glory and the suffering. I find all that amongst the second-growth trees, native plants, birds, and a babbling creek, and most especially, among the spring trilliums.

Wordless Wednesday

Spring unrolls in phases. Budlets. A tiny bloom. Cobwebs clear. Brilliant greens. Blue sky crowds out clouds. Shoulders lower. Twitterpated birds. Nesting ensues. Goldfinch returns. Cold breeze. Restlessness. Peonies nod. Tulips curtsy. Red currant waves. Trillium hunting time. Phone photos, but you get the idea. Tryon Creek State Natural Area. Trillium, Salmonberry, Skunk Cabbage TrilliumTrillium … Continue reading Wordless Wednesday