River’s Sweet Songs

Driving west out of Portland on route 26, Sunset Highway, farmlands taper off, and forests grow dense, expanding into the open space. I feel an inexorable draw toward the coast while on this road - continuing straight you arrive at Seaside. Veer southwest on highway 6, there's Tillamook. Or head northwest on 47, Nehalem Highway,  … Continue reading River’s Sweet Songs

Over the River and Through the Woods: A Tale of Two Bridges

Big city driving is confusing, and if you don't know where you're going, you end up somewhere else. The complicated, unfamiliar choices come at you fast. Just trying to navigate along one side of the river, you somehow end up on a bridge to the other side. At which point there's no turning around. "Wait, why … Continue reading Over the River and Through the Woods: A Tale of Two Bridges

Seasonal Straddling

Mid-September It's a bittersweet transition putting on my fleecy clothes in the mornings. There's relief in the early cool breeze coming through the windows but I already miss the summer heat. It's a greedy feeling, holding onto summer, wanting heat, enjoying the cool, wanting fall colors. If only, if only. The garden begins it's slow … Continue reading Seasonal Straddling