Rolling Down the Deschutes River

Rivers call out for a song, their various facets and qualities changing and amorphous - the meandering or rollicking currents, the broad then narrow passages, rolling reflections and scenery, the power that lies beneath the seemingly endless flow. Roll along with me...

Hanging Out Under a Bridge

Note to self: Skip the isolated trails between the river and abandoned railroad tracks when you're alone, especially if no one knows where you are. Note to self: Just because it's sunny don't assume it's warm. It's February for goodness sake. More layers. Note to self: Carry a hankie when it's cold. Powers Marine Park … Continue reading Hanging Out Under a Bridge


I've been an ocean girl all my life, and now I'm learning to love rivers. It's not hard. Oregon offers endless, varied shorelines to hike, watery air to breathe, and beaches of mud, rocks, reeds or berry brambles. I am new to these river nuances, and delight in discovering the seasonal changes, flora and fauna, … Continue reading Confluence

Steigerwald Lake, North of the Columbia

I hiked along the Columbia River on the Washington side for a northern perspective, and new (to me) viewpoint. It always feels good to flip your view in some way. It was in fact quite different than my Oregon hikes along the Columbia Gorge, where the trails take you along steep, dramatic, thickly forested trails … Continue reading Steigerwald Lake, North of the Columbia