Round in Circles

Here I go walking in circles again. If it's not one direction out my front door, it's the other, always in circles, round and round the neighborhood, looping past the same houses, same yards, same trees.

What Am I Rooting For?

I am too quick to anger, too prone to tears, trigger happy and ready to hate, scorn, and yes, wish ill to those who ascribe to viewpoints I see as harmful to people, to our nation, and the world at large.

Winter Stream of Consciousness

I like Portland weather partly because I have no choice. I repeatedly re-embrace it in a cognitively dissonant way, forcing myself to think: It's exciting! It's variety! It's opportunity! instead of: Oh this sucks!

I Am Not Jewish, I Am Jewish

It was hard to know what disaster to pay attention to yesterday. And yet we keep on with our small lives, surviving, loving, laughing, singing. I'm privileged to be able to turn away.

Shoulders and Coattails

Alan and I seem to be competing for who can make the other one cry more, as we share things we've read and seen and heard. The planeload of marchers arriving in DC on the Patriots' plane - of course marked "Patriots." Emma Gonzalez' speech. Martin Luther King Jr.'s granddaughter. Kids speaking more clearly, coherently, … Continue reading Shoulders and Coattails