Under the Cherry Trees

You only get about a week to see the cherry trees at their peak of full open blossoms. Portland's exquisite beauty also guides our attention to our wretched history of immigration and discrimination, still so current.

Champoeg State Park

No matter where you look, no matter how urban, how run down, or how ugly, when fall is in its prime the red, orange, and yellow makes anything look 100% better. And if you are in a gorgeous state park, as I was recently, then the beauty on top of beauty is sublime. And if … Continue reading Champoeg State Park


I've been an ocean girl all my life, and now I'm learning to love rivers. It's not hard. Oregon offers endless, varied shorelines to hike, watery air to breathe, and beaches of mud, rocks, reeds or berry brambles. I am new to these river nuances, and delight in discovering the seasonal changes, flora and fauna, … Continue reading Confluence