Silver Linings

A year ago I jotted down a list of "silver linings" in an effort to get through a quarantine I thought would last just weeks! They haven't quite dulled to a tarnish... but here's how they look before and now.

Checking In

What will be my Quarantine Story, what tales will I tell in five years, or 10 or 20? Will it be a story of victory or sadness, revelation or survival, entertainment or boredom, or even joy? Which stories will last, and which will be of the moment?

The First One

It snowed on Saturday as the first person in our city died. It was a milestone that brought everything into relief. No going back, only forward. The first one - so much in that short phrase. Until now, no one in our city died of Coronavirus. Until now, and it won't be the last. The … Continue reading The First One

You’re Older Than You’ve Ever Been (And Now You’re Getting Older)

I go from having a spring in my step to groaning as I rise from my chair, from sprawling happily on the floor with grandchildren, to waking at night in pain. But what if I look at what I CAN do instead of can't?