Camp NanaPa

This winter we're back in the sleepover groove with the grandkids after a long hiatus. Fun but tiring. I somehow feel youthful and ancient all at once.

Natural Miracles

To walk with children is to slow down and see differently instead of the movie that plays in my head - you know, the thinking, projecting, dreaming, remembering, planning, spinning. Children are awake to the present moment, curious about things I no longer attend to or things I think I already know about....

Roots and Wings

Once the snack hits his bloodstream, the six year old jolts into action, running headlong up the trail... The nine year old is on a different sort of journey; carrying a notebook and pencil...

Seasonal Straddling

Mid-September It's a bittersweet transition putting on my fleecy clothes in the mornings. There's relief in the early cool breeze coming through the windows but I already miss the summer heat. It's a greedy feeling, holding onto summer, wanting heat, enjoying the cool, wanting fall colors. The garden begins it's slow but noticeable demise, offering … Continue reading Seasonal Straddling