A Change of Pace

I've made several changes since moving and retiring. Not exactly reinventing myself, more like seeing what fits, what's stale, what's no longer needed, wanting to create a more intentional life. I'm still the same me I was before moving, but I do feel different. The shifts have been a mix of purposeful, accidental, and unexpected.

Finding Your Retired Place in the World

Retirement isn't about stopping living; for me it was about choosing how I wanted to live my life, and where I wanted to live it.

Falling for Portland

I didn't fall in love with Portland right away. I wasn't all that impressed during our many visits early on. It felt more like a blind date, a set-up by our daughter. Portland was an occasional fling, not marriage material. Landing at the airport on the northeast end of town, we drove through the grittiest … Continue reading Falling for Portland

Hearing the Music Again

Many years ago, when I began hormone replacement therapy, my practitioner promised that I would once again "hear the music play." I thought, what a great metaphor for enjoying life. I knew that sensation of hair raising, goose bumpy, tear inducing awe. When retirement came along, I wanted to likewise recapture the music, and rekindle … Continue reading Hearing the Music Again

Changing For Good

I set out alone from Santa Barbara on a hot July day, my little sedan packed to the brim, and cruised north along Highway 101. The only key I owned was to my car. I had just finished packaging up my life to leave the place I'd lived for 32 years. I was alternately thrilled … Continue reading Changing For Good

Bottom’s Up

Here's the thing about retirement. I look at the weather forecast, I look at the calendar, see that that nothing can't be postponed, and look for a new place to explore. If it's hot I look for a shady hike, and if it's cold I look for one in the open. If it's been pouring … Continue reading Bottom’s Up

Fear Itself

I danced with writing all my life, but I just haven't made it work out how I want. It's like a cha cha, forward and back, forward and back. Ugh. I want to boogie all over the dance floor.

New City Friending

It turns out making friends is harder and slower now than when I was younger. I'm not in school, I don't have a workplace, I'm not raising kids, and I don't have old friends introducing me to new friends, or inviting me to parties. Those old ways toward friendship are gone. We planned for retirement … Continue reading New City Friending