Wordless Wednesday

Spring unrolls in phases. Budlets. A tiny bloom. Cobwebs clear. Brilliant greens. Blue sky crowds out clouds. Shoulders lower. Twitterpated birds. Nesting ensues. Goldfinch returns. Cold breeze. Restlessness. Peonies nod. Tulips curtsy. Red currant waves. Trillium hunting time. Phone photos, but you get the idea. Tryon Creek State Natural Area. Trillium, Salmonberry, Skunk Cabbage TrilliumTrillium … Continue reading Wordless Wednesday


I spent the week before our February snowstorm waiting for its arrival, watching weather reports with amusement and excited anticipation. Maybe a little dread. The ten-day predictions changed every few hours, from a few inches of snow to the extreme of eight inches one day and eleven the next, then dialing it back again. Extreme for Portland anyway. I was just waiting, checking the weather the way I used to doom scroll for the daily news - what disaster is in store today? This was way more fun however than waking up thinking, what has he tweeted today?