The great home of the soul is the open road
–D.H. Lawrence

I’m interested in change, metamorphosis, exploring the shifts along the path. Some change falls in our laps, others we seek out. Some is challenging, others a thrilling or terrifying ride. I strive to embrace change, and live a little deeper, a bit wider, somewhat louder, definitely more fully.

I made a big change in 2014. My second grandchild’s arrival was imminent, and both of my children landed in the same city 1000 miles away from me. It was time to join them. My husband and I left our home town of 32 years to create a whole new adventure. We packed up a life, and made a complicated shift over many stressful, challenging months.

I re-invented my life and re-oriented myself to new surroundings, experiencing a journey that went from scary to surprising, from confusing to creative – but fun, mostly fun.

Why a blog? To notice, examine, and puzzle it out. Then write write write. And finally, after so many years of scribbling in my notebooks, I want to put it out where others can read it. Overcoming discomfort and fear is, for me, the ultimate metamorphosis.

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Moving a life in 80 boxes. And a big truck.