While I Was Gone

I had guests for a week (more on that later). They were writer friends as well as strangers (more on that later). Then we went off on a trip together (more on that later). And in the 56 hours that I was gone, my sweetheart was busy: he made some dinners for the week, worked in the garden, repaired our garden irrigation system, put together a foosball table for the grandkids (ok for us too), hung out with our grandson, washed and vacuumed the car, AND… 

which you should check out and ‘follow’
to keep up on his ongoing additions!

He has been working on his new site for the past five months, and it’s a beautiful place to view some stunning birds, landscapes, and various local and distant explorations. Here’s one of my many favorites –

Sandhill Cranes, Vancouver Lake Lowlands, Winter 2022, Photo by Alan

Meanwhile, I’ve been non-stop social all day long for eight days, so I’m going to go explore my inner hermit for a minute. I haven’t yet had time or space to take it all in. Maybe I’ll do some writing. See you back here soon.

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