Everything Nice

Going to Ridgefield Wildlife Reserve is all about birdwatching really. But flowers and landscapes are what my camera can do, so that’s what I get. Cedar Waxwings were the order of the day, so lovely in airbrushed pastels with a bit of a head statement and a bright yellow tail tip. A favorite for sure, one that I don’t tire of. Also two lifers for me – a Black-headed Grosbeak and a Brownheaded Cowbird, terrible names but delightful birds. Many others, an American Goldfinch as bright yellow as could be, and many Redwing Blackbirds whose whistle makes me think of my father.

There were more and, well, Alan will share his bird pics when he stops cooking me dinner. He got a new smoker and the aromas seep into the house, making me a little crazy. So I’m just sitting here breathing it in, looking at pretty pictures of fields and flowers while he slaves.

Cedar Waxwing – PHOTO BY ALAN click to see more!

We picked our first peas of the season for dinner – and I’m almost as excited about that as I am about the ribs (sorry veggie friends). I’m working on a blogpost about our California trip, but much of it was ineffable and I’m having an effing hard time describing the magic. But I’m learning new songs and writing new songs, so there’s that.

The Northern Flickers came back to the yard this morning after a long vacation somewhere else, and the baby crow fledged this week (see Alan’s blog) and the crow family is making a racket. The sun gave us a tease and now the rain is returning, the garden and the slugs are duking it out, I went to my first homeschooler park day in about 25 years, and I’m hoping the Proud Boys provide a direct path to Trump, but I can always dream. Enjoy these Ridgefield pics. Thanks for being here!

12 thoughts on “Everything Nice

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  2. I love Ridgefield. I go for the birds too, but seeing the refuge through your eyes is a treat. I don’t always pay close enough to the branch or tree or brush. There is something to learn from all of it. Thanks for sharing … I can smell the ribs and hear the snap of the peas as the music begins to rise up. Summer is just around the bend*

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  3. Reflections are teasing me to go for a nature walk. Tour photos and Alan’s were the icing! Great pictures…btw ribs??!! The peas sound yummy too. We are having Polish strawberries in abundance these days…from the farm stand and markets.

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  4. Ridgefield! Always a favorite. Your photos do the Refuge great justice. I could sit there all day and watch the birds come and go. What a respite from the sounds of the city and lawnmowers, which I love to hear by the way because they freshen the scent of air with grassy green freshness, but the still, quiet watch from a blind tucked in along the shore is such a balm for the spirit. Thanks again Nancy.

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  5. Wow, a fan of the mowers – lucky you to have that tolerance. Alan was so sneezy on this walk from the grasses that grow so high there that we will have to wait awhile to return. Maybe masking up next time, now that we have that unique and wonderful way to stay insulated…. But yes, the quiet. Thanks MJ.


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