Snow Day

In anticipation of possible snow, Portland declared a state of emergency from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Eve, no one actually knowing whether we would get a lot or a little. Maybe 12 inches they said. Or none. Or in between.

This seems to happen every winter, and ever since that time we got stranded in a snowstorm, we are more cautious and stay close to home. With daily temps hovering just below freezing, that’s fine – we just walk the neighborhood as usual, round and round. The snow disguises everything, even the most familiar sights, so there’s always something to catch the eye.

We also took pity on our backyard friends and started feeding them, which also brings them close up for watching. Alan’s bird photos are much better, and you can see them here.

More snow is coming (“they” say), but we’re cozy and ready. Now can I call myself an Oregonian?

(Click on a pic for a slideshow of all photos)

2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I love that the birds are hanging out and those little footprints … swoon. That tree is something else. I love the majestic ones that stand out in a neighborhood. Himalayan Cedar. Off to read about it in my new tree book! (Just the fact that you know that tree gives you solid Oregonian cred!)

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