Elk Rock Garden in Fall

So much to see in this little botanic garden – every patch of ground in the 12 acres yields up some small or large exquisite show, sometimes new and fresh, or sometimes old and stolid and changing in the seasons only a little. Designed by John Olmstead, of Central Park fame; designed by an architect’s eye, things placed just so, for maximum benefit and beauty. Every time I go back, I think, why haven’t I been here in between, again and again? My brother came to visit, so that got me going, as I do like to show off what we have here – it’s not just grey skies and nippy temperatures.

For more info about the garden, read my post from a couple years ago here. Or just enjoy a walk in the garden with me – the micro, the macro, the sublime.

The dewdrop world
is a dewdrop world
and yet … and yet.


12 thoughts on “Elk Rock Garden in Fall

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