Flowery Friday

An afternoon at the Jenkins Estate, Tualatin Valley, Oregon, a little gem of a park tucked away out in Beaverton, in the middle of a residential area. We wound around a few miles of trails (68 acre park) and ended with surprising reward at the end, just as the cloud cover lifted and the sun came out – somewhat formal gardens plus many overgrown older gardens, herb gardens, a demonstration Master Gardener garden, a playground, and a camp.

I could have easily mis-labeled these flowers, so if you know better, let me know.

8 thoughts on “Flowery Friday

  1. These are beautiful and I’m grateful for the ID’s. I have a lot to learn. You sound a lot like me in your explorations. Last year I stopped at every state park I drove by just to investigate what was there. Some of them were treasures I might never have known. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Give me a roadside monument, or turnout, or a teeny sign, and if I’m by myself I’ll stop. 🙂 It took me a looooong time to make my final drive from Santa Barbara to Portland. Also, I used google lens for most of the IDs; I’ve never been successful remembering names. Thanks for stopping by here!

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