Best Advice

Wise and funny friends
Give their best advice
Four words or fewer
Maybe all you need

Listen before you speak
Listen more, talk less

Move slowly, pause
Learn to be still
Stay in the moment

Be patient
Abide in peace
Let go let god
Take refuge in your own heart

Be true to yourself
Live in gratitude
Be here now
Deep breaths

You got this
Don’t take life personally
This too shall pass
All things must pass

Words:good; deeds:vital
Do the next right thing
Think globally, act locally
Get shit done… now

How can I help?
Heart and hustle
Show up, be engaged
Stay humble grind hard

Play, play, and play
Go plant some vegetables
Grow your own
Never ever give up

Let your heart lead
Be kind
Be kind to yourself
Be kind, don’t honk

Open to love
Love is the answer
Say I love you
Love one another
Keep your old friends

Love fully, freely, authentically
Be present, loving, grateful
Love, forgive, accept, & laugh
What would Love do?

Do what you love
Ask first, then smell
Let the red breathe
Don’t forget to floss

Rotate your tires
Righty tighty, lefty loosey
Wash your hands
Don’t drink the Kool-aid

Listen to the music
Play music, sing everyday
Glass slide, not steel
Don’t fear the reaper

Blow up your TV
Prine for the win
Four fourteen seventy-two
Or three one sixty-nine

It’s not rocket science
I love this btw
I mean, like, yeah.

clouds and light

Print this page out
Cut apart each line
Move, arrange, rearrange, again
Such a good meditation.

What got left out? Leave your comments below!

Thank you for the advice dear Facebook/Real Life friends!  • Vanessa Filkins • Eldon Walker • Mike Fishell • Katherine Cardenas • Mike Heitke • Sandra Mears • Marion Van Namen • Teri Goldwasser • Ethan Moses • Leslie Pitts • David Welsh • Valerie Steele • Amee Chapman • Susan Handloff Hammer • Meredith Anne Reeback • Jill Littlewood • Michele Martin • Miles Shuman • Elliott Shuman • Andy Shapiro • Michelle Spahn • Julie Boone • Roya Dedeaux • Patrick Ray • Heather Mitchell • Sonja Tone • Kera Brittany Bottoms • Carol Edson • Charlie Miles • Taylor Brown • Ellen Rockne • Kirsten Liske • Katie Foster Blue • Jill Boone • DawnStar Sarahs-Borchelt • John Welborn • Chantel Ann • Martha Fellows • Tessany Alrich • Mark Brown • Kim Kenney • Barbara Robles • Laura O. Foster • Jessica Friedland • Michelle Mika Jarnagin • Corinne McCourt • Marcia Stevens Bastomski • Paul Scotton • Zoe Ashton Witt • Dominic Clark • Louie Ferrera • David Love • Karen Peterson Willard • David Cameron • Mike MacAllister • Lynne Bryan • Gabriela London

Monet's Garden at Giverny

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