How I Got Here

I retired in June 2014 to my great joy and relief. At the same time, we sold our house, packed up a life, and I left my husband behind for the next six months while he continued working. I left the town I’d lived in for 32 years and the state I’d lived in for 60! I moved to Portland, Oregon, where both of our kids had landed, and became a local Nana to my then-two year old and newborn grandchildren. I lived on my own in an apartment for those six months while I house hunted, took care of the babies, and explored and discovered this exciting new place. It was a journey that has been continually scary and surprising, satisfying and fun, creative and confusing.

In 2017 I was ready to write more publicly after being so private for so long. Yet another scary thing. I should have started a long time ago, but here I am.


Moving a life…

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